At Kymera our goal is to help you focus more of your time on growing your business, focusing on your products, and managing your people; ultimately spending less time on your technology needs.

Information Technology Assessments

In order to determine what your company needs to support your business activities we can make an assessment of your current standing. Then we can determine how we will be able to leverage your existing or new technologies to improve your business.

Maintenance & Support Packages

We offer various Maitenance and Support packages.  Depending on the size of your company, type of support, number of visits per month, or even if you want to pay an hourly rate we can support you systems.  We offer onsite, phone, and remote packages.

Network & System Administration

Administrative IT tasks can take a lot of your time.  We can take the reigns on your day to day IT tasks and configuration needs.  Just need a user added, email accounts setup, switches configured, network security devices configured, or cloud services administered?  We got your back.

Patch Management

Applying security patches and updates to your systems is essential to maintaining a secure IT environment.  We can provide the help you need to keep you patched and operating securely.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

System failures can and do occur.  We can help you deal with them in a fast and effective manner to keep you and your employees productive.  From basic tape backups to even a full on secondary site for ultra fast recovery, we can supply you with recovery options to fit your needs.