It is increasingly more important for organizations to have an understanding of current technologies as well as how to use them effectively.  Kymera can help you in this department.  We can assist you in finding the right solutions for you and make sure you are using them effectively.  We offer the follow services and can adjust them to fit your needs:

Network & System Design

To have the correct network layout and design for the systems that you have, and will require, takes planning. We can supply you with the information you need to make the most out of your network.

IT Staff Augmentation

Need to pad your existing, or non-existent IT staff? We can supply qualified technicians ready to support your needs.

Network & System Planning

Planning for expected IT costs for your company can be difficult. Let us help you layout a plan and assist in budgeting for your yearly IT expenses.

Backup & Disaster Planning

Things can and do fail when it comes to systems. Planning for those eventual times will give you a leg up in being able to allow your business to continue. We can work with you to develop a plan that will suit your needs and prepare you for when or if a disater occurs.

Network Monitoring & Alerting

Companies rely on their networks to be available to them when they need them. With our monitoring and alerting service we can detect faults and even prevent faults before they occur.

Network Security Audits & Certification

Getting your network certified for various government or ISO certifications can take a lot of work. We have had years of experience working with federal agencies to acquire various degrees of system accreditation. We can apply that knowledge towards helping you accomplish that goal.