Not sure what you need?  Have problems that need solving but find it’s above you head?  Maybe you know what you want but not how to set it up.  Kymera can help you find the right solutions for your needs.  With years of experience in with many different IT environments we are sure to get you what you need.

Software Solutions for Linux and Windows Systems

We work with a large offering of software as to find the best solution for your company. With our Linux expertise we can offer solutions that will keep costs down and provide you with a secure, functional platform for your company. We also work extensively with Windows 7/8 and Windows Server products. We understand that a good combination of different types of software is often the correct way to go.

Atlassian Software

Working heavily with Atlassian products over the past years we have come to find that their offerings can suit many different needs.  They offer a Wiki/Intranet solution, a ticketing product that is highly customizable, products relating to optimizing the software development process, as well as user authentication.  What is really great about these products is how well they integrate with each other as well as other applications.

Open Source Solutions

There are many ways in which you can keep your IT costs down.  Taking advantage of freely available open source software is one of them.  Depending on your needs we can almost always find the right open source software that can meet them.

Intranet & Collaboration

Creating a collaborative for your employees can help you save money as well as make your company more profitable.  With applications which easier tasks such as simple communications, multi-user document editing, and file sharing you can find you can accomplish a lot more in a shorter amount of time.

Server & Desktop Virtualization

Virtualization of servers and other hardware is the way of the here an now.  It gives us the ability to run 30+ systems on one server versus 30 servers.  We have spent years working with virtualization products from VMware, XenServer, and Red Hat.  With our expertise we can find the right solution for your virtualization needs.  Whether you want to virtualize your current systems, setup new infrastructure, or setup virtual desktops running on thin clients, we can help you find the right sotution.

Network Security & Firewall

Securing your network from vulnerabilities and hackers is an essential piece to running a business.  We can help provide you with the security solutions that you need.  Whether it be encrypted remote access VPN from your laptop to your office, encrypted VPN connections between offices or partners, securing your facilities with next-generation firewalls, or securing your end-user devices from threats, we have the expertise to get you secured.

Email & Groupware

Email, calendaring, instant messaging, tasks, and address book software are all vital to running your business. Let us help you get connected and communicating with your customers.

Disaster and Data Recovery

Systems will fail, it is an unfortunate fact. The only way to save your data in the event the inevitable happens is to be prepared. By having a reliable backup solution in place and a plan for recovery for when disaster strikes, you will be prepared. We can get you backed up and prepared for such a situation. We are also there to help in the event that things do go as planned with our data recovery service.